“Our mind is like birds which fly, when it gets down, just a splash into the Nature’s Nest can help it out and makes it to glide on the horizon of unlimited and ultimate imagination- Beginning of a dream and dream turns into reality by your effort. Step out and make your mind to glide with vibrant nature. Explore!”

In the quest of monotonous routine we always want to have some quality time- a time that is purely inspired by the nature for a true inspiration, motivation and to rejuvenate life. To get close with a wild life experiences fulfill all requirement of recovery through nature.

Bird watching is a kind of experience where birdwatchers get close to see various different birds those fly far from their destination for a certain time period. From their long journey, there is so much to learn and it will be helpful to get inspiration in the life. Life go incredible if you adopt changes and make life the way you can add some newness and motivations by picking small goals to it. That’s how these long distance birds do in their life as they choose each year their destination for some time and reach there by thousands miles. Watching them in the bird watching sanctuary is just an awesome experience. You will be glad to watch various verities of birds when you plan for bird watching in some chosen places.

To choose a suitable place for bird watching is an important decision on which your further experience depends, so you need to research it online or through some travel guide from where you can get appropriate information and detail. You also need to get prepare for your magnificent travel experience. There could be more than 100 species or many hundred species of birds waiting for your time with them. So prepare well and get there to get with the verities of birds.

To catch morning bliss and a spectacular view

To catch the magnificent morning and to snatch the Nature’s crisp you need to get prepare with some guidelines and suggestions. Get prepare with these instructions based on experience so that you cannot miss the bliss of the morning.

India is a good place to come and join bird watching in winter session as it has moderate temperature so most of the birds fly here crossing thousands miles across ocean. Gujarat is well known for the bird watching sites and you can experience a complete wildlife in the serenity. There are some of the top bird sanctuaries one must visit during his vacations to make winter unforgettable with spectacular moments.  The bird watching session starts from December to April till the spring ring its bell on the year. Catch all the moments in your camera and shoot the favorite seen. Share your experience with family and friends.

Some famous bird watching sites in Gujarat:

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary: Latest number says that Khijadiya has got more than 257 species of birds. With brackish, sea and fresh water Khijadiya provides 600 ha with diversity of conditions for the resident as well as migrant birds. Shoot out your favorite seen with the variety of chirps.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary: This place is famous for Gandhi’s birth-Mahatma Gandhi. This place is also known for the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary which is established in the year of 1988. This is known for the local ornithologists with resident, nesting and migratory birds.

Thol Sanctuary: This bird sanctuary is recommended by various bird lovers. Doris and Murphy also recommended this place in winter when migratory birds came here. A serene lake place is the ultimate adobe for the migrant birds. You can catch all the moments with your camera and also can have a blueprint in your mind lifelong.

Wild Ass Sanctuary Little Runn of Kutch: The present saline desert of Kutch which is snow white has a famous Bird watching sanctuary where you can explore vacations  and best bird watching with the incredible wild life. The sanctuary is habitat to about 93 species of invertebrates which can make your visit to India most successful for a bird watching sensation.

What You Require While Packing for Birding on Vacations?

  • Don’t forget to pick up some essential things on your vacations, especially when you are going for bird watching tour. Here are some of the essential things that need to carry when going on your travel hunt.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a compact, portable pair of Binoculars with you. This help you to observe birds no matter how close or far you would be
  • You also need to tuck a regional or local travel guide so that you can appropriately or maximum use the time in a right direction
  • Bring a birding journal with you that can help in observing behaviors of new birds
  • Camera is your weapon to shoot the birds with a nice and decent capture. Never forget to pick your weapon with you.

Now you are all set to go on your bird watching travel hunt. Don’t forget to consult or pick local travel guide. Here in India you will also get some professional travel agencies that manage everything as per your choice. It is also good for you to know and experience things as per appropriate guidelines and most above the management. Some travel agencies fix up the customize travel packages so that you can explore travelling as per desire. It is also a matter of time availability for scheduling your trip to some spectacular bird watching sanctuaries, but to get there you need to consult everything in advance so that you can manage and prepare well.

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