A visit to the country is a changing spectacle of festivals sights, sounds, customs,
culture and religions. India is incredible a huge landscape and mixture of culture,
values and a rich legacy. It is also backed by an affluent backdrop of over six thousand
years. All this things helps in alluring the tourists from all over the world. Our
Incredible India is full of countless natural splendors and historical monuments.

Talking about tourism in India, let’s Begin from the north there is Himalayas,
world’s topmost mountain range. It includes over 100 mountains excelling over 7200
meters. Himalayas also have a notable effect on Indian climate conditions. There
are many hill stations around it. They provide some amazing panoramic sceneries
to the spectators. Apart from that in the northern region of India there some highly
worshipped pilgrim places like Haridwar, Amritsar, Varanasi, Hrishikesh etc. North
India also has lot more to offer for wildlife and adventure lover tourists. The biggest
advantage here is that the culture-seeker can soak up the history of the country while
outdoors-man will enjoy the challenges of adventure.

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Now let’s talk about western part of India. The major states here are Rajasthan,
Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat and they all have lots of tourist spots. They all have
their own flavors and wide varieties. From eventful desserts to peaceful hill stations
and numerous historical places and world class beaches. Tourist can find everything
what they desire. Visiting central and South India also gives you a chance to visit
numerous pilgrim places.

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A holiday in India is always an eventful experience and one that requires perfect,
planning, budgeting and scheduling. Logistics are an important factor for travelers
as India is a vast country. This is where we JN Rao Tours and travels step in. We
are the leading tours and travel operators in India. JN Rao travel agency is based
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use our 50 years long knowledge to make your holiday a fruitful experience. A great
deal of research has gone into our tour selection, which ensures maximum comfort,
enjoyment, and a multidimensional look at India.

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For traveling we have a simple motto that Holiday=Holiday. Our customers should be
deprived of any tensions; planning and worrying after consulting us. We are looking
forward to looking after you in India. We are eagerly waiting for our domestic and
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