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The winter has begun in India and Kutch rann Utsav 2012 is just about to explode. It’s that time of the year when gusto visitors from different places of the world gather at Kutch district of Gujarat, India to celebrate Kutch rann Utsav. It is an annual mega event organized by Gujarat tourism. The Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh located in western part of Gujarat and is expanding towards Sindh province of Pakistan. The famous white desert of Kutch provides enticing scenery that lures the spectators. Kutch rann Utsav 2012 – 2013 will be a grand celebration. The event will give tourists a chance to know more about Indian culture.

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Kutch rann Utsav is an exceptional representation of the land of Kutch and their lifestyle. There are special exhibitions organized for arts & crafts of India and especially from Kutch. It is the great opportunity for domestic and international tourists to behold the work of crafts-person and buy the world famous Kutch embroidery work. As part of the Kutch rann Utsav festival there are cultural events and other such activities are organized by Gujarat tourism. Such events are classical representation of culture and communities of India shown through various art forms and cultural activities. Those who are unknown with the Indian culture especially the foreign tourist love the special and unique genre of folk music. Rann Utsav 2012 is going to be 48 – day celebration of music, dance, arts & crafts from the colorful land of Kutch. This gala event is the perfect opportunity to experience the Rann of Kutch at its vibrant and fascinating best.

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The event also known as the Kutch festival is organized in order to promote Kutch tourism. As there are so many tourist attractions in Kutch that steers tourist from all over the world. There are lots of spiritual places, heritage monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, archaeological sites, museums, gardens, lakes, beaches and coastal sites. Few of the tourist attractions in and around Kutch are mentioned below:

• Vijay Vilas Palace
• Mandvi Beach
• Mundra Port
• Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
• Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary
• Siyot Caves
• Swaminarayan Temple
• Aina Mahal
• Prag Mahal
• The Black Hills
• Chhari Dhand
• Harmisar Lake
• Kutch Museum
• Bhartiya Sanskriti Darshan

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The Kutch rann Utsav festival 2012 – 2013 is divided in different packages. Basically there are four packages as listed below:

• One night package
• Two night package
• Three night package
• Full moon package

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There are different kinds of accommodation available at this festival:
• AC Tents
• Non-AC Tents
• Darbari Tents
• Bhunga

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These accommodation facilities are same as of any reputed 3 to 5 star hotels. Those who have the experience of living in such places relish the experience forever. The Bhunga are the traditional houses of Indian villages. They are also equipped with all the modern facilities and it gives really peaceful experience of staying. Overall this Kutch rann festival shows you real incredible India.

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Kutch festival 2012, Kutch tourism

The rann Utsav bookings for 2012-2013 season are now open. This time it is scheduled for 15th December 2012 – 31st January 2013. JN Rao tours & travels are your one stop destination for Kutch rann festival. We assist you with all the necessary information, details and documentation needed for the travel bookings. We are also affiliated with Gujarat tourism. We organize buses/cars on rent for the same purpose. We can also set up specialized custom tour if you want to visit the nearby tourist attractions of Kutch. Contact us now for bookings and other information.

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